WHAT WE DO at Toobe

TooBe offers you innovative and quality discoveries

TooBe is a platform offering goods, services, experiences, projects and causes selected for you according to criteria of quality, innovation and consideration for the environment and people, all in a spirit of sharing and respect for partners. 

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Why TooBe?

TooBe was born in the minds of Laurent and Christian in 2019. Both producers and importers, they love good products and discovering new things. Epicureans, entrepreneurs and full of ideas, they have often encountered difficulties to launch their products on the market because of the long delays sometimes necessary for the launch and the often high margins. 

From there, the idea of creating a platform offering goods, services, experiences, projects and causes is born. It is finally at the beginning of the year 2022, after two years rich in reflections, that the site is officially inaugurated and that the adventure really begins. 


TooBe is open to all discoveries but makes it a point of honor to select its products for :

Their quality
Their innovation
Their consideration for the environment and people


all in a spirit of sharing and respect for partners.

The TooBe platform is also here to help artisans, farmers, creative people and young entrepreneurs to access the market and consumers by selling their products with acceptable and reasonable margins. We want to listen to our partners, create a link and propose quality items you can trust. 

What we like

We are passionate about finding great products, preferably clean label, to put on our virtual shelves and working closely with producers.

We like to give our partner-producers transparency in our operations to ensure that they and our consumers have the best possible experience. 

We believe that it is important that the link between the producer and the consumer is as direct as possible in order to improve communication and thus create a true relationship of trust.

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What we want to avoid

The long delays sometimes necessary for the launch of a new product on the market, 

Not having control over prices and promotions,

Do not have direct contact with customers, both for compliments and for advice and complaints. 

Join the adventure

You want to launch or test your new product on the market? You offer services and/or experiences? You have projects or causes that are important to you? Or you simply have a comment or a suggestion to make? Do not hesitate to contact us! 

Our warehouses

Our warehouses are the keystone of TooBe. 
This is where we focus on direct contact with our partners.

Our warehouses cover an area of about 1700 m2. They contain, in all, 10 refrigerated cells of 540 m3 each, an equivalent surface for the storage of dry products as well as a part dedicated to the production.

The roof of our main warehouse is entirely covered with photovoltaic solar panels. This represents a surface of 1600 m2! 

Thanks to these panels, 90 % of our energy needs are covered by the sun, allowing us to reduce our impact on our precious environment. 



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